HTTP Request activity storing Password in property tab as Plain Text.Is there a way to encrypt this password

Hi Team,

I am working with HTTP Request Activity.My REST API requires Basic Authentication Username,Password.In HTTP request Wizard when i type the password it is shown as ******.However in Properties Pane of the HTTP Request Activity, password is shown as plain text.

What is the way to avoid the above scenario?


Hi @sai_s

You can store your password in windows credentials manager OR orchestrator asset.

Password which you will get from windows credentials manager or orchestrator you can take it in “SecureString” variable and that variable you can use in your authentication password in HTTP Request wizard.

you can refer - How to work with Windows Credentials

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hi! Another way also is using the activity Get password. Your can save your password here, in this activity your input is your password like ***** and your output an string that you can use in your Http Request Activity.

Let us know if that works,

Hi Kuldip, It works Perfectly.Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi Carmen, It works perfectly .Thanks :slight_smile:

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