Is it best practice to include all the variables in json file for larger projects?

Hi Everyone,

My project requirement and change requests getting multiplied every day and have almost 20 workflows. It is difficult to track the selectors or need to go to the studio if any selectors gets affected to recapture it.

I am using json object file for login credentials. Is it best practice to include all the variables in json file or i am thinking wrong?

For eg

“terminal unit” : - this is workflow name
“Active terminal” : “some selector”
“Replaced” : “Some selector”

so on every workflow i will use selector variable declared in above format. Kindly give your valuable ideas or suggestions


Hi @Boopathi,

Regarding the selectors, I would in general rather be looking on a way to make them for steady, using wisely wildcard on the part they differ rather than having them recaptured every time.

When it comes to configuration of a project, you would recommend you to take advantage on ReFramework and its config file (Data\Config.xlsx, the Orchestrator assets.

Finally, if you are using the Orchestrator,having arguments for the jobs themselves can be helpful if you need variant in every run.
The feature is available from 2018.3

Regarding Crendentials, you can have a look on the post bellow. It is not a best practice to store them as plain text, you should use either the credential manager or store them in the Orchestrator.

Once again, ReFramework is quite handy for credentials, with its GetAppCredential.xaml worklow.


Hi @Florent_Salendres Thank you for your suggestion. I gone through the RE frame work but the issue is we are working without orchestrator so it is not possible for me to make my project get into RE framework concept.

REFrame work is just a framework which has strcutred way of implementation of one Automation Life Cycle.
and alos it has some high level exception Handling.
we can use REFramework without orchestrator.