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In our client machine the windows credential manager is disabled and also the UI Robot package is not installed in the machine, so we are not able to connect to the Orchestrator.

So what is the other way to store the credential.

Currently we are working on some POCs.


Maybe you can store credential into an Azure or AWS vault ? and retrieve it with the right activity ?

I got to see the option now, “Add a generic credential”. May be this will work. Right ?

check this out : How to work with Windows Credentials

I have a small doubt storing credential is fine
But without robot installed or windows credentials disabled may I know where we are going to use that password

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UiPath studio is installed in our machine but inside the AppData folder UiPath.Agent file is not coming for us. So we are not able to connect to Orchestrator.

In Windows credential the Add a Generic Type option i can see and able to create a credential by providing the proper URL and uname and pwd.

But it was mentioned like windows credential manager is disabled, buddy
Did we try with CONFIG FILE having credentials
Json file having credentials from which we can access them
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Actually i am not using RE Framework. But still want to store all the data in a config file and using dictionary want to get all the data (URL, Paths etc.).

Yah of course we can use config method of storing the credentials even though we are not using REFramework template
So pls go ahead with that
Cheers @kkpatel

Hi @Palaniyappan

How do I store login credentials in config file ?
I can store the username in config file, but if i store the password then it should be stored encrypted.

Please help.


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Instead we can store the asset name in config file
And inside the process use get credentials activity and mention that asset name so that we can get the password from orchestrator which would be actually encrypted

cheers @AjitNayak


I know how to store the credentials in Assets or Window.
But storing Password in config file is not a good idea.

I passed the RPA Advanced Developer certification exam today.
Thank you for your help.

I have a question on Exception:
The question says… compare the Extracted Invoice Total with the Invoice Total in Queue and if they do not match create a Business Exception. Where should I create this exception ? is it after Process Transaction ?


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Fantastic my hearty wishes

Yah that’s correct
usually business exception is raised in Process state only, as business exception occurs only when a transaction is processed and if it doesn’t meet the business requirements we will be raising the exception

Cheers @AjitNayak

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