Set Credential Alert when Password is fixing to expire

Would like to suggest an enhancement to Asset Credential to have the ability to track when the Password was last changed and to be able to set an Alert Notification so that if the Password expires in 90 Days, that you can receive Notification X Days prior to the expiration to minimize disruption with Password changes / resets.

There are password management utilities that can do all this for you, including changing the password when necessary, and giving the password over to Orchestrator realtime as your job runs. If you’re having enough issues with password expiration that you’re seeing disruptions, I suggest looking into getting a proper password management system.

Thanks for sending Jon. I do see the associated Response from UiPath…

[Ovidiu_Constantin] UiPath Orchestrator PM
[Mar '23]

For these advanced scenarios, we recommend to use a 3rd party credential store, like CyberArk, AKV, etc – [Orchestrator] has a few of them supported. It’s not the purpose of the existing functionalities to duplicate a lot of the features that are much better implemented in established & mature products.

I would have to disagree with Ovidiu (UiPath) assessment. If you are going to offer a built-in repository for Credentials, then would think you need to feature such as this regardless of other 3rd Party Stores like CyberArk, otherwise - why even offer it…? Just require that you have to use one of them and get rid of Credentials all together in Orchestrator. Overall, does not make sense not to offer a simple feature or function such as this…overall not that hard to implement. “It’s not the purpose…” Really? Not a good look from a Customer Service response perspective…

Design, code, test, maintain. Nothing is simple. Orchestrator won’t be able to do it as well as a proper password management utility. The reason Orchestrator has its own credential store built in is that it didn’t originally support 3rd party utilities. That support has been added exactly to accommodate scenarios like what you’re describing.

Perhaps you are unaware of all the features of the UiPath cloud. The UiPath credential vault is the most basic and default, but you can, for example, set your credentials vault to be Cyberark.
Any credential assets will link directly to CyberArk and you can centrally manage all your credentials there.
So rather than them saying use another system, they are basically saying that the default UiPath Credentials vault is for basic usage, for advanced usage leverage a specialised tool.
Its good advice really imo, rather than them trying to re-invent the wheel they let you connect with dedicated, specialised solutions.

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If you dont want to use caults…then you can go with crwating a bot …and collate all the credential asset ids…then use get assets by ID api and get the last modified field and check it …if it is nearing 80 days or as you need you can send notification