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I am just starting on my RPA adventure and having downloaded Studio, I have followed the initial video to create a basic process (data scraping from a web page and then copying it into Notepad). However, each time I have done it (3x), the scraped text does not get copied into the Notepad (although the webpage and notepad both open, and ‘GetText’ is indicated as the output for the webpage and the input for the notepad).

Is this a common problem - can you please advise me what to do differently? It’s quite frustrating to fall at the first hurdle…

Thanks for your help.

@mark_rodgers you need to use write text file activity by entering proper text file path and then text to be put which is stored in a variable when you did web scraping.
did you follow these steps?

and welcome to the community @mark_rodgers. we all have faced hurdles. pretty soon u’ll be up and running. Welcome to @uipath


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You have to check the selectors OR you can check whether the scraping is successful


@shetanshudhar thanks for your support! I have used the process as in this link - I checked it again and re-ran the process with the same problem. I will look again at the link you sent to see how I can apply it.

Looking at the instructions to complete the process, number 9 is ‘Drag a Write Line Activity’, rather than a ‘Write Text File’ activity. Would we want to write a text file for a text that we are copying to the Notepad? What are your thoughts? Thanks!

Thanks @ksrinu070184. I’ve checked in the output panel, which says:
Assets file has not changed. Skipping assets file writing.

I guess it means that the scraping was not successful! I have downloaded an example of the process and will try to copy it word for word…

A very basic process to do what you are trying would be like this:

Download a sample here: Sequence4.xaml (7.7 KB)

Thank you @bcorrea! It feels like I am still below the foothills of knowledge…but I will be spending the next few weeks to go through and reproduce the tasks in the Developer path in the Academy

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