How do I put scraped data into the notepad?

I used the Full Text Method.

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Assign an output variable in the properties pane of the Scrape activity, then create a
‘Attach window’ activity and select the notepad window, then create a ‘Type Into’ activity and enter the variable as the input of the Type Into activity.

I hope this helps. Please clarify I’ve misunderstood your question.


Thanks! It worked


This is helpful for something I am working on, my question is when i created the “Type Into” activity and created my variable, it is entering variable name into notepad instead of my scraped text , how do i fix that?

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Do you have your variable in quotes like “VariableName” rather than VariableName :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes, I seen my issue…thanks.

How can I do this multiple times to rename multiple files using the scrapped data?

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