Created bot (xaml) with remote desktop, but how to run unattended?

I used Studio with remote desktop runtime on my RDP server. What is the best way to run this xaml unattended in a remote environment? Should the orchestrator start an assistant on a windows client which then will as well run a remote session (open mstsc.exe) and executes this there? Do the unattended machine requiers the “microsoft remote desktop and app” - tool be installed?

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Let’s go one by one

The optimal solution for running a UiPath xaml file unattended in a remote environment is to use UiPath Orchestrator .

To run a UiPath xaml file unattended in a remote environment using UiPath Orchestrator, you will need to follow these steps

  1. Create a new UiPath robot and design it to perform the desired task.
  2. Publish the robot to UiPath Orchestrator.
  3. Create a new job in UiPath Orchestrator and select the robot that you published in step 2.
  4. Schedule the job to run on the remote machine.
  5. Start the Orchestrator service.

Once the Orchestrator service is started, the robot will be executed on the remote machine at the scheduled time.

Reference document:

You do not need to explicitly use the “microsoft remote desktop and app” tool. UiPath handles the execution of processes on remote machines efficiently. The Unattended Robot connects to the remote server as needed to execute the automation.

However, a few considerations for unattended automation in a remote environment

  1. Ensure that the remote server where you want to execute the process has the UiPath Robot installed, and it’s properly configured.

  2. The remote server should be accessible from your Orchestrator instance. It might require proper network configurations, VPN, or firewall rules to enable communication.

  3. Licensing and concurrent execution should be managed appropriately on the Orchestrator to accommodate the execution of unattended processes.

  4. The Orchestrator should be aware of the robot on the remote server, and the robot should be licensed properly.

Hope this clarifies

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Thanks for your good support. But I think there is a big misunderstanding. To make it short, my client will not install UiPath Robots on all his Citrix Servers. Thats why we installed the runtime and use Studio on Win10 machine. And my question is how to to run an unattended bot in this environment? I have installed dozend of unattended bots with the orchestrator, so thanks for your details, but this is not required at this point.
Should I run the unattended on a physical machine, let the autmation run mstsc and will this be sufficiant? How will the unattended interact with the remote screen then, if the plug-in is not installed on the unattended physical machine?

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If the client chooses not to install UiPath Robots on Citrix servers, and you are running UiPath Studio with the runtime and orchestrating automation from there, the primary challenge is related to remote interaction. You will need to establish remote desktop connections from your Studio environment to the Citrix servers where you want to run unattended bots. This can be done through MSTSC (Microsoft Remote Desktop) or other similar tools.

  1. Unattended Bots:

You can use a dedicated physical machine with UiPath Robots installed as Unattended Robots. This machine should have UiPath Robot installed with the necessary licenses. The Unattended Robots on this machine can interact with remote sessions via MSTSC if it’s configured properly.

  1. MSTSC for Remote Interaction:

If you run MSTSC from the physical machine where UiPath Robots are installed, it allows you to connect to remote servers. However, the Unattended Robots would need to be properly configured to interact with remote screens using MSTSC. This is possible, but you should ensure that the Unattended Robots can effectively use the remote desktop session.

  1. UiPath Robot Interaction with Remote Screen:

UiPath Robots can work with remote screens, but this often requires configuring the UiPath Robot service to interact with a user session. This can be more complex without the UiPath Remote Runtime, which is designed for such scenarios. If the client doesn’t want to install UiPath Robots on the Citrix servers, you may need to discuss the possibility of using UiPath Remote Runtime or evaluate alternative options.

  1. Remote Desktop Plug-in:

The remote desktop plug-in is not required for UiPath automation to work in remote environments. UiPath can work with or without such plug-ins, depending on how you configure the automation and the interaction with remote sessions. The key is to make sure the Unattended Robots can effectively interact with the remote screen, which can sometimes involve using standard remote desktop interaction techniques.

Hope this clarifies

Cheers @TP2B

Thanks for the details @Palaniyappan But again, all of your notes are known and used before. But my main concern is:
a) you install the tool “microsoft remote desktop and app" on a studio to get allcocated the selectors in a remote session
b) we have for sure installed the runtime on the Citrix server
How will the unattended BOT will allocate the selector, if the tool is not installed on the robot-machine?

Explanation: the (selector) communications in Studio will work via the (added) Tool ( “microsoft remote desktop and app") AND the server component (remote-runtime.msi), which is run via the task scheduler on the Citrx server. How will the bot communicate with the remote session? What, if the tool wasn’t installed on the unattended bot? How should the tool be installed?

The tool is installed by the Studio:

Should I install the same on my unatteded bot?

Without installing remote runtime it won’t be able to interact with the elements and that’s what I referred earlier as well

The UiPath Remote Runtime component is required to establish the connection between an application or desktop server and a corresponding UiPath extension installed on a client machine. This way, selectors are natively generated on the client machine where Studio is installed, without having to rely on OCR and image recognition activities.

To install refer


Thanks @Palaniyappan . How should the tool be installed on the unattended bot? When I say tool I mean this:

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U mean this

Or this


You run the unattended the same way you’d run any other unattended. But your automation will need to include the steps to open the Citrix app.

Citrix and mstsc (RDP) are two different things, by the way.

Yes you need the plugins installed on your robot server.

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Thanks @postwick , good to note that we have the Citrix - Tool as well:
So, am I right, that I have to install this on my unattdended machine as well, by selecting the corresponding extension while setup?

But what I’m missing is the add-on for MS remote desktop. How is the process if I have RDPs only? Find the executeable and run the exe?