Create Form Action with dynamic pdf shown

The purpose of my automation is to use Machine Learning Document understanding to determine the details from the invoice, then compare it to our internal billing system to pull out an allocation methodology. The data has already been classified and validated by the AP team at this point, and the form is to be used to get the final approval by whoever AP suggests to approve. We want the form action to show all the information pulled from invoice and pulled in from the validation action, as well as show a copy of the invoice in the form.

I see that I can add an html element to display the invoice, but it appears as though it needs to be a set path. I need to be able to set the path as a dynamic element that will be passed in from the workflow. Also when I use the code “<iframe src=”/file://c:\folder\doc.pdf" /"> with the correct name of the file I do not get anything in the preview. How do I set up the form to allow for a variable to show the path of the file? And how do I get it to show in the preview when it is even a set path.

Please note, my background is not in IT, so coding is not my forte, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @potchak ,
Action Center interfaces with un-attended robots in the background , hence local files need to be uploaded to a location that is accessible to a remote robot.
We support file access in the Actions form through upload to storage buckets
Refer to documentation here , how images/PDFs can be embedded in the form after they are uploaded to storage bucket from the robot for business users to review
Since files are uploaded and rendered at runtime, this does not get reflected in the design time preview but you will need to test it by creating test actions and accessing it from Action Center portal