No errors but not creating my folders?

Monday Run First.xaml (9.2 KB)

please see below, I think I have created it correctly, but I may be missing something? by all accounts it should be creating a folder with todays date on it

I would replace everything and just use a single Create Directory activity. This create directory should be to the lowest possible level e.g. YourParentDirectoryAsString + today.tostring("yyyy") + "\" + today.tostring("MM") + "\" + today.tostring("dd")

If YourPrentDirectoryAsString was C:\temp, then it would create a folder at C:\temp\2019\07\30

not really my call my dude, my company has it set up a certain way, and I dont make those calls, how we have them set up is how it is…

The .xaml you linked does the exact same thing that a single create directory activity does. Go ahead and give it a try. I’d recommend showing it to your senior or lead as well