GSuite - Create folder activity does not create folder in designed parent folder

Hi, I’m using the find files and create folder activities to check if a folder exists in a shared folder in Drive, as usual, if it doesn’t, then create it. I used it like this:

When I went to check the results, I noticed that in the same loop* only one folder was created in the desired folder id. But when I went to check my personal storage I did see the folders.
*I did a for each loop of a list of dates, only the first one was created correctly

Top left is the shared folder, bottom right is my personal storage.

This happens randomly, sometimes they are all created in the desired folder. I can’t figure out what is going on.
Also the parent folder Id is the same since it’s environment data. I doesn’t make sense that it works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t.
Can anybody give some hints?
GetOrCreate.xaml (8.9 KB)


Use a writeline or log message in the ELSE part of the if condition and run the bot
Let’s see in output panel whether any logs from else side it getting traced
If so then we can check the input

We need to debug things one by one


Sorry, what data would you want to see? the id? something else?