Create File/Folder not working

Hi Team,

I am trying to create file/folder using Create File/Create Folder activity but it is not creating as expected. Can you please look into these activities once.

And also it would be good if you provide an option to Add Annotation here.


Hi @lakshman

Could you please share a use case you have in mind, or further clarify what is not working? Is it throwing an exception for you or an other error at the design time?


I tried to create Folder using Create Folder activity. Bot is executed successfully but it didn’t create any folder in the specified location. In the same way, Create File activity also not creating any new file.

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Could you maybe share the activity configuration? Let me also tag @alexandru for more insights.

Hey @loginerror

This is similar, I explained this in the Feedback video. The System activity “Create Folder” Activity is NOT giving an error NOR creating the folder, may be we need something to establish a connection between Cloud Studio to the Machine where it is being used to use such File operations.

Configuration is nothing: just putting the Create Folder activity with a desired Folder Path.

Create Folder creates the folder on the remote system where the robot is running (in cloud), not on your local machine. This can be used for instance to store transient data of the workflow, like files, but it cannot be used on your local machine. @alexandru


Got it.

But to have the files operation related tasks developed and tested, there might be a way to have that connection established from the system where we are using Studio web? May be?

@rahulsharma so you expect to manipulate files from your local machine when using Studio Web?

Keep in mind that there are no project files stored on your computer when you are using Studio Web.

Yes I do understand that. Hence asking what can be done while it’s not opened in studio desktop.

what can we do to use and test those file operation related activities in any workflow?

There might be usecase to use “create folder” activity to create a folder in any drive , how someone can test in Studio Web that “create folder” activity is working for them?

Interesting point. I’ve tried to give it a made up use case like:

  • create folder
  • download a file (or multiple)
  • move them all to that folder
  • zip the folder for further processing

But it didn’t work due to some validation errors:

But in general that would be the expected use for these system activity in the Studio Web context (=intermediate processing of files).

Having said that, the idea you presented in your video around having a scope that allows one to connect to a specific machine might indeed be interesting.

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Hi @Cosmin_Popescu,

Where is the location of the remote system in the cloud?

I created an automation and deployed it. It failed with the following error:

Three things:

  1. Automation ran from Assistant, but did not create the folder and failed
  2. The error displayed did not reflect reality - the folder names/paths do not include any of the characters the error is complaining about
  3. Finally, the only place where one of these erroneous characters is showing up is in the Write Log activity - could the location of the error be misplaced?

Here is a snapshot of the Studio web automation:

You should remove " from “Folder name” just use c:\users…


Extended it to create a Random folder followed by a random file inside that folder. And it works! :slight_smile: :+1:

Thanks @Mircea_Arhip !