Create Dropdown in Excel

Hello everyone,

I want to create an Dropdown Menue in Excel with UiPath. Or another selection, but I need it in excel. First of all, is it even possible?
I used an “For each Row” activity, so the robot can search through the datatable and there follows an if-condition. And if the condition is true, I want to create a dropdown list for a specific cell.
I know that it is possible to create a dropdown with the “Input Dialog”, but I need it in Excel. I also tried to record the creation of a dropdown list in excel, but that doesn’t worked.

Does anyone have an idea to solve the problem? Or is it possible?


One way is to create a VBA macro and execute the vba macro from the UIPath to create the dropdown field.

you can pass arguments to the macro as well as get the output from the executed macro.

Please check this.

Karthik Byggari


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