Create drop down from excel column

I have a excel data…i want to create input dialog box which has drop down values…dropm down values are in excel column

Hi @sathya_auto ,
To create filter in excel, you can use invoke VBA code
Open file by excel application
Send Hotkey : Ctrl G

no @Nguyen_Van_Luong1 i need to create input dialog box in UiPath based on column

Can you share input and expect output by image to clear ?

Hi @sathya_auto ,

Could you check with the below Configuration :

For using the values from Excel Column, we can check with below Expression in the Options property :


i have excel value in column i want to create input dialog box in UiPath

You want create dialog, enter value to dialog, then write that value to excel
that’s right?
or dialog as a dropdown, values of dropdown are in excel?

no creating options based on excel values

that’s right?

my input

my code

Thankyou its working fine

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Cheer @sathya_auto ,
happy automation

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