I want to add drop-down in the excel file

in the Above excel file, I want to add Dropdown for confirmation and Issues Column.

• Confirmations column drop-down contain option like:
- Yes
- No
• Issues column drop-down contain option like:
- Discontinued
- Pricing
- Licensing
- Minimum

How to do this in uipath?

All Above excel file data is stored in the data table.


You want to do it in UiPath or with excel options, if excel options then see this page

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I want to do it in uipath


You have to do the following actions to get the dropdownlist.

Open Required Excel using excel application scope
Attach excel window, then using Goto excel option navigate to the required cell.
Use send hot key activity with keys - Alt + A + V + V

It will open the data validation window
Use Element Exist activity to identify the window displayed
Attach that window and in the allow dropdown list select “List” item
Then in the Source “=$E$3:$E$7” if you have the dropdownlist items in the E column from cell 3 to cell 7
Click on Ok button, now dropdown will be created.

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I will try this one.

Then sir how to create a drop down for the excel if we are having multiple excel sheets ?

could you please explain



What list items you need to add in the drop down list

actually i have the data of several emp in different sheets of a excel so for it i need to mentioned that the day for the emp was casual , celebration or holiday for that i need to create a drop down
Attendence Sheet (9).xlsx (36.0 KB)