How to create a drop down in excel with uipath

how to create a drop down in excel with multiple sheets in it .


You can achieve this in 2 ways

Hi @Raina_Ocean_Sanjay

Have a look on the video and Docs


Hello @Raina_Ocean_Sanjay , are you asking about Filter drop down in excel?

i need to create a dropdown using data validation in excel and need to use send hot key
Attendence Sheet.xlsx (36.0 KB)

As i need to create a drop down in this excel for each emp as “C D”, “H” , “C”

i dont think i need to create this type i drop down , i have seen this video too !


Are you talking about the header row being dropdowns that allows you to filter the data?

You do that by going to the Data tab and clicking the Filter button at the top.

But why are you doing this? Usually you don’t do Excel automations by clicking around in Excel. You load the data into a datatable (ie Read Range etc), manipulate it, then write it back or do whatever else you’d do with it.

no sir not the headers drop down i need
Attendence Sheet.xlsx (36.0 KB) i need the drop down in this excel for each emp as “C D”, “H” , “C”.

i need to do this by this process only as it is mentioned by my team so that i can learn automation , as i m new to this

Then you should go to the UiPath Academy web page and do the free training.

Hello @Raina_Ocean_Sanjay, Already I did this for you and send the Xaml file.
Again I will Send you again, you will get some idea, and use macro method. (526.0 KB)

Also refer this video for clarifications

Happy automation


Thanks for the suggestions sir !


i will refer to this , thank you .


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