How to create array values as a drop down menu in input dialog based on the user selection


I have a excel file and it contains some data sheets.I need to create these datasheet name as a drop down menu in input dialog.

Please help me to create an array which gets values from the excel and display them in the dropdown menu box.

For clarity, the dropdown would need to contain items of the selected range within Excel?

Excel Sheet Names would be the dropdown for input dialog.

Hi @shyamala_Gurumoorthy

Use Get sheets activity inside excel application scope to get all the sheet names for that excel .The output for this will be an array and you can pass it in the input dialog

Thank you so much for your help…Will try this activity.

@shyamala_Gurumoorthy Try the attached workflow (10.8 KB)



Hi@Usha Kiranmai

I Have attached this workflow and executed successfully.

Thank you so much for your help…

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