Create CV Dynamic descriptor

Requirement is to search a username in the table and if found then click it in the table. -

I am splitting below process steps to solve this :

  1. Use CV element exists activity to search username but how to create a dynamic descriptor (dynamic selector should contain provided username value)

  2. If output of CV elements exists activity is true then execute step 3 else username is not found.

  3. Click selected username. → how to create dynamic descriptor in this step also.

Hi @Sonalk

If your descriptor is
“Target: ArrowButton (37,856,12,13)” +
“Anchor: Text ‘Sonal’ (5,821,15,12)”

you can make it dynamic by adding a string variable myAnchor and use it like this (take special attention to the and ")

“Target: Button (37,856,12,13)” +
“Anchor: Text '”+myAnchor+“’ (5,821,15,12)”

Hope this helps


I am facing issues with making descriptor dynamic
Even after following your previous ans

Please help me

What type is In_RowIndex? Is it an int? It might be necessary to write +In_RowIndex.ToString+

Yes used .ToString and no error
Thank you

“Anchor: Text '”+myAnchor+“’ (5,821,15,12)”

How to make this myAnchor variable case-insensitive.