Computer vision Element exists not working properly

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I am desperately looking for the solution on this, because this is my high priority issue. Please if possible.

Using CV element exists on certain screen if I am looking for one text. for example “AB-23009”, now if any text available as “AB-23008”. then the activity giving return as true, where as it should be false. If the text is entirely different then it is giving as false only, the catche is cv Get text is no use here, bcause of the interface. Please look into this and give some solution, how to get rid of this.

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While working with CV if anything changes like font & color it won’t work
As you given example in selector make that as * then it will work again try to indicate & check it will work


Thanks for your reply, but my scenario is like, I need indentify one alfanumeric character, I am using that value as variable, and that variable I am using in the descriptor, so I cannot make it wildcard, that number should be specufic, based on the variable value it would be changing every time. I am facing issue because of the cv Element activity behaving to not find the exact value, but seems contains,
for example
if my variable value B42
and any descriptor having value with B43, it will return as true, where as if the value is C42, it will return as false. I hope I am able to explain you properly.


Instead of CV try with Modern activities in UiPath it will work


“Target: Text”+ “'”+variable+“'”+(273,230,76,12)"

Pls Change ur Descriptor like this Thanks!

I am using cv because it is on other environment/machine, using cv is there any solution I can use or apply?

Thanks in advance

Thank you for your reply, I am doing the same already, but here in the variable my scenario happening, I hope you can relate with the example.

can u send ur descriptor if possible?

Please refer the descriptor image

“Target: Text”+ “‘”+strID+“’”+(273,230,76,12)"…Use this and let me know…
Note:(Ur workflow working well but it gives the results wrongly…This is my understanding. Is it right?

Exactly, the workflow and code is correct, but return sometime is wrong. Let me try this code.

Can you check again the descriptor, you have shared, I think some + sign is extra there.

Please refre the ss

Pls put + inside Double Quotes

Can you help with the exact descriptor, it would be easier for me to test it.

“Target: Text”+“'”+strID+“'”+“(273,230,76,12)”

Try this

I am really grateful that you are trying for me, but still I guess some missing is there, please refre the following screenshot, first is the descriptor, and second is the error while testing.

Hello @53410c195f64c51d98438bb2e

Can you share a screenshot of the application screen?

Hope you have provided the anchor element as well.


as per Above ss this tabular screen is the target area, and based on circled invoice number check box would be clicked, Element exist is working fine, indefying the numbers, but if the number with same sequence then that is also bot returning as true.

For example the circled number is B044139-001, on screen if any number is there like B044139-002 but not the exact number, though the bot returning from cv element exist as true.

I did not find any anchor for this .


If anyone has any idea about this, please shoyt with help. This is my priority issue now.

Still expecting some sort of solution or suggestion from the community.