CV Descriptor

Normally to make CV descriptor dynamic —> Use “Target: Text”’ +in_variablename+"'(81,239,98,14)

In_variablename = dynamictext

This descriptor is working during testing : how to make dynamic descriptor for this case.



You cannot give wild cards but there are options like selecting anytext or groupofwords from the descriptor wizard. Please check this

Hope this helps



I want to better understand what you’re trying to do.

You would like to find a text that contains dynamictext: Example you would like to find OneTwoThree because it contains Two? Or is it something different?

In Citrix screen, there are multiple elements with half text visible in split screen.
It is important to search fieldname (passed as argument). I have updated descriptor with fieldname and it worked during testing.

Objective is to create dynamic descriptor to solve this problem statement.

@Anil_G : There is no advance options visible. Able to find Show elements, Refresh Scope, Relative To options.

Is there any dependency to update?

Hi @sbotan : Yes. It is correct to say.


As mentioned in the post…please add accuracy value to the descriptot and then click on edit descriptor again then you shpuld be able to see advanced optioms menu which cna be modified


Just noticed that you don’t have the spaces in your last example.

So the descriptor would be “Target: Text '”+in_variablename+“’ (808,603,27,14)”
And before your CV step you would have an assign for in_variablename to value dyanmictext.
Is this not working for you at runtime? Are you using C# or VB as language?

It seems wild cards can’t be provided in this case with argument.

Suppose you are getting text (half) due to split screen. Shared CV descriptor works for hard coded scenario only.
For e.g.

When word “Industrial” changes to argument then CV Descriptor will give an exception.

The argument / variable needs to be a string. What exception are you receiving?
CV Does not support wildcards

Hi @sbotan : Getting exception (“Element not found”) in CV Click activity.

CV Click activity is having dynamic descriptor and input argument is provided for text “ABC -Name” or “BCD -Name” etc to select specified option under Options.

In application, there are two screens : A & B. There is a tree structure view of multiple options. There are chances to view partial names visible in Screen A then it is not possible to select specific option based on input argument.

I was thinking to pass only “ABC” but wildcards are not supported with arguments. Wildcards are working well for hard coded descriptor which is not right for my case.

How to attempt for this problem statement?