Click on button with dynamic Anchor

Here i was automating a website where I have to update some information.
I have uploaded a screenshot of the website it only has one search bar for Dispatch From only but I need to click on the edit button only if the text matches my excel value with Delivery to.

You have create dynamic selector for reading the name from website. Refer the below step.
1.Use loop
2.Use Get text activity
3.Make selector dynamic , by replacing the row value to *
4.Use If condition
5.If condition matched ,then click on Edit and exit .
6.OrElse increase the loop.

HI @Sonam_Nath

Do like this

First datascrape the details from website and store them in the datatable.

  • loop through the data in your excel
    • Look up datatable - lookup value → Row(“To Location”).ToString and get the row index from the datatable extracted.
    • make the click dynamic with the attribute idx instead of idx number pass the row index value from lookup datatable+1

Hope this helps !