How to log activities for Audit trail?

How do I add logging to my bots in order to save an Audit trail in the best possible way? I can’t seem to find a way to set uipath to automatically log each action for me. Do I always have to add my own log activities in the workflow for each step in order to get them written to the log table? That will sometimes double the list of activities I have in my code and make it a lot less readable.

Hi Neo,

There’s a couple different things you can do to have UiPath generate more robust logs for you. If you go to the UiPath icon in your system tray, you should be able to access your Robot menu. Here, you can indicate the logging level of the bot. This value defaults to “Information” but if you set it to “Trace” or “Verbose” you will get a log message corresponding to each activity. More information about logging levels can be found here:

Something else to consider if you’re watching certain arguments or variables would be the “Add Log Fields” activity, that allows you to indicate fields that will be logged from that point forward within the automation. More information on that is here:

Hope this helps!



Hi Evan!

Thanks for helping out!

I’m only running from inside Studio, does that matter?

And just to see if I understand you correctly… If I set the level to “Verbose” for instance, I will have activites in my log file even if I haven’t added a single “Log Message” in my procedure?