Create a datatable from unstructured PDF file


I have a PDF with the following structure:

I want to convert the PDF into a datatable. I tried with no success using the following activities:
i) data scrapping
ii) screen scrapping with native, fulltext, OCR options
iii) read PDF with OCR
iv) read PDF text with Generate Data Table

Currently, I am using the string manipulation to get the PDF information I need by using the String.Split(). I will be reading multiple PDF files, whose text size is variable except the image titles (bold text). In addition, UiPath is case sensitive to text extracted and therefore, I do not consider this as reliable solution.

Could someone tell me how can I convert this PDF to a datatable?

I would like to have like this:

               Column 1               Column 2
Row 1          Moeda                  EUR
Row 2          Montante               O montante mínimo de constituição é de 250,00EUR...
Row 3          Reforços               São admitidos reforços em qualquer momento, devendo obedecer...     


Hi @Fer
Use String.Split("",Environment.NewLine.Toarray)

ashwin S

@AshwinS2, I can’t understand your solution. Where are you suggesting to use the String.Split("",Environment.NewLine.ToArray) ?

Hi @Fer

After you scrap the text try to split the text


@AshwinS2, at the moment that’s what I am doing. However, I do not consider it a reliable solution since the text field varies a lot.

I was asking for another solution.