I have issues creating an excel table from a pdf table

I’ve been trying for days to create an excel file using a pdf but i just can’t make it work.
I’ve tried with Data Scraping But it most of times tells me this.

I have used different accessibility configuration on Adobe Acrobat DC but it doesn’t changed so much.
Some other times with no apparently changes Data Scraping lets me extract the data but when I executed it didn’t work.
I also tried with Read PDF file and Read PDF file with OCR but it’s output its string and doesn’t let me write Range or Append with it.
Ive been reading much topic related to this but couldn’t find a solution.
Using Screen Scraping it lets me change the output variable to DataTable but it doesn’t shows nothing.

You can try to use the “Read PDF Text”-Activty and split the results/write to a datatable and from this you can write it to excel.


@fpardo can you share your pdf?

once you have string you can build datatable and by string manipulations add those string values to tho the table and you can write that table to excel.


@Alexander_S @albert.yango @Divyashreem Yes i finally made it work putting a “Generate DataTable” next to the “Read Pdf Text” Activity, Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

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@fpardo can you share your pdf?

challenge.pdf (74.5 KB)

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