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hii guys i have a query on read pdf text to excel,i could able to get text from pdf but unable to make it as excel using generate datatable, i know that by using get text activity to get text and make it into excel,but i’m just looking to make it through read pdf text.

i want all those into my excel which i marked.499_m3_Invoice 1_v1.0.pdf (154.6 KB) this is the input file,i used generate datatable but don,t know how to manipulate.plz help me out from this.if possible plz share me a sample xaml file.

Fine @venkatmalla6
you get the output with the get text activity with its respective variables
–fine create a datatable with build datatable activity with columns were you want to store all these values obtained with get text activity
–use a add data row to add the values you got from get text like this
in the array row property of add data row activity
now these data will get added to the datatable
and this datatable can be now entered to the excel with write range activity
Hope this would help you
Cheers @venkatmalla6

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@Palaniyappan thanks for the reply buddy, i tried already this method it worked also,but i’m just trying to make it through read pdf text and make it to excel through generate datatable activity.

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Buddy @
I would like to suggest you one thing
Usually generate datatable is usually used to create a datatable from a string which is in a UNSTRUCTURED WAY WITH PROPER SEPARATOR BETWEEN THE STRINGS…but here the highlighted. Text are obtained from different places which don have separators with them as they are fetched from different places…
Moreover READ PDF TEXT though gives us Text, we need to use string manipulation that includes a lot of steps than now…
So i would suggest you with previous method which is more feasible and faster than the usual…
Cheers @venkatmalla6

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Any other issues still been faced …!