How to extract un-structured data from PDF


I have below pdf -
Sample Invoice.pdf (223.2 KB)

I want to extract datatable from pdf and write in excel.
I want to also store

Invoice # 987651001
Invoice Name : ABC Developers
Country : India

where Invoice,Invoice Name,Country and their values as column name

Thanks in Advance

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you try it with Read PDF Text and For Each.

Hy @Catfish1115 ,

Thanks for reply.

Although I want to store this -

part of pdf in a datatable so that I can use write range and write in excel.

Can you help me how do I extract that data from PDF in form of datatable.

Hey @hemasai.06

Take a look here.

Its not perfect for the Product Name and Description as I am just taking the first word. 3/4 are correct.

Main.xaml (29.9 KB)

You need to install the UiPath PDF package.
Expected Output

Hopefully this is start to a solution for you.



Do you have a list with (all) possible values of Product_Name and/or Description?

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The attached xaml file is opening with errors, could you zip the entire project and re-upload?

As requested, (4.9 KB)

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