Courses for Business Professionals

Dear Colleagues,

As per the instructions, I searched for my topic and unfortunately didn’t find the related discussion.

I am looking for RPA courses/certification but for business professionals and not for developers.

It will be helpful if anyone know about such courses.

Thanks in advance

Hey @RPAwanaB you can check courses in the UiPath Academy, there non-technical courses are available.

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Hi @RPAwanaB,

Login into this link

Once login you can do the course

Regards, Arivu :slight_smile:


Hi Navneet. I thought they only offer developer courses and will login to explore.
Thanks , Dharminder

Hi Arivu, much appreciate your help and will check these out.
I guess I have to sign to see all the courses and got impression that they only had developer certification.
Thanks, Dharminder

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Done. Thanks again