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I’m new in the forum and currently exploring…I want to know more and learn one step at a time the RPA processes and benefits.
I’m now starting to learn the features and intro of what is RPA in UIPath Academy.
I’m just wondering if there is also an app(downloadal
ble) fo this just like UIPath forum?

Thanks in advance for the answer.
Glad to hear any response.:blush:

Hi @jovie

Welome to Uipath Forum

to start with kindly go for uipath academy
There start with
Level-1 foundation
Level-2 orchestrator
Level-4 advanced training

This will give you full confidence to take business use cases

Then after this you can go for certification with https://certificate.uipath.com.

Kommi Jeevan

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Hi @kommijeevan,

Thank you for the great advise and info!
Very much appreciated.:smiley:

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Yes we have. Go to Playstore and search Go.learn and install that app.

Once installed provide platform URL as Academy.uipath.com and then provide Academy login credentials. Then you can start learning academy courses.


Thanks so much @lakshman.:+1:

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