Registration in academy


Is the UiPath Academy registration closed? Because each time I’m trying to open it,I’m being redirected to the login page. Please help!!


Its working fine.
Can you check here


I guess you’re accessing from mobile or tablet. You should access from PC to get to the registration page.


I have Dell laptop. :slight_smile:


ah, sorry, my comment was for @Dibyajyoti_Saikia, since I had the same issue with Dibyajyoti_Saikia when I accessed the page from mobile phone.
When I access registration page from my laptop, it works fine, too :slight_smile:


Thanks To let us know @ddpadil :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Planning to buy mac pal. :call_me_hand:


Hello Saikia,

Have you managed to register?


Yes ma’am, already started my courses!
Thanks for the support, it was not opening in the mobile version but worked out smoothly when I opened it in my pc.


@ddpadil @a-taniya Yeah it’s all sorted out! By the way thanks for the support.


What is the registration fee for basis uipath certification?


It’s free :money_mouth_face:


What is the basic knowledge to study in this course ?



It’d be good if you know about c# or