Couldn't able to get the data using data scraping in

Couldn’t able to get the data using data scraping in , Only first five data i can get using data scraping … how to get all the data from top to end if i need to do pagedown what is the end option to break the loop …

@Palaniyappan @vinay_reddy

Hi @Prem_Kumar7

As you said you can use page down to get till the end

and whenever you are getting the data of each page compare it and see if that data is already retrieved in the previous iteration by storing the previous value in a separate variable

When you see the same data coming twice that means there are no more rows to retrieve so you can stop the loop

Hope this helps else happy to give more details


Not working


May I know what is not working?

You can alternately use mouse scroll as well if needed

If you can be more elaborate we can suggest another method