Screen scraping to data table issue

I have attached a snap shot of web page. I want to copy all data after scrolling down. This all data is in one page only, you need to scroll down to copy. I took screen scraping and now i want to put it to data table but i cannot.

Please suggest.
And if there is any other way, please advice.

Try Data Scraping instead of Screen Scraping

Hi @Rahul_Tomar1 ,

As you mentioned you are scrapping data from screen scrapping that means data scraping not working in your case.

You can scrape data in loop where you have to do pg down on every iteration till the end of the scroll bar.
Append each data in one data table and in the end just filter out unique rows.

May be their can be a case when you do pgdn and some data of previous portion get reflected to next scroll page so for that you just take out unique rows in the end.

I agree this not the best solution but you can try if you don’t have any other approach.

What issue you are facing when you are scrapping it from Data Scrapping ?

Next page indication is not there

Are you able to do data scrapping or not ?

Page we can manage.

Yes data scraping is happening

Every-time the no. Of pages will be diffent

ok then follow below steps

0 - Create two int variables one with name pagecounter=1 and another with maxpage
1 - get value of Page203 with the help of Get Attribute Activity.
Make selector dynamic if aaname is Page203 then make it Page*
Put value in Maxpage variable
2 - Once you have total number of pages iterate each page one by one till the last count
Now how will you do that?
Select dropdown value by passing each pagecounter variable to change page
Note* Increment pagecounter +1 in every iteration

3 - Scraping part will be in same loop only you have to merge previous data table data to every new extracted data.

Not sure if you get this.

Worked thanks

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