Couldn't able to find Teams packages for Integration service in Studio

I have a business requirement to use Teams in my automation process. I have tried with UiPath.MicrosoftTeams.Activities but it is not compatible with windows project. Then I tried with integration service, I have referred the documentation and upgraded the studio version to 2023.10.3. But still the teams integration service package is not available. Can Somehow suggest how to integrate teams.



In Filter check Include Prerelease


I’d like to nudge this topic because I am also seeing this.

Yes, when you include prelease in the filters, the Integration Service version of teams is available, but according to the Activities documentation, this package has not been in Pre-release since November 2023:

Is there a reason that the current stable version of the activities package is not appearing as available? For reference, I am on Studio 2023.10.7.