Unable to find "Integration Service Activities by UiPath" in package manager in order to install it


As a part of the process of rebuilding the corrupted project I was working on from the last commited point in my VCS, one of the 1st steps for me involves installing the package that provides the Microsoft Teams activities I need to restore.

Two days ago I did this without a problem from the package manager. Now, after I removed the ones I didn’t need, I try to do the same, but the package doesn’t show up in the list:

It’s not that it’s already being used in the project, as this is the list of those ones:

You see the package is not there.

This is the list of existing dependencies in the project that got screwed up two days ago and it was there:

If I cannot install it for the project I’m trying to rebuild, there’s no way that I can keep doing any work for now.

See you tomorrow.

For the record:

The solution was to search for “UiPath.integration”.

Probably I got so flustered by that moment. Thanks to Norbert, the costumer service guy who helped me with this.

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