How to Install Teams Packages


I want to install packages but can’t. and like this. anyone can help?

Hi @wsinten
Click on Manage Packages=> All Packages=> Type MicrosoftTeams=> Download the first appeared Package.
The Package name would be UiPath.MicrosoftTeams.IntegrationService.Activities

Refer the below image for better understanding

Hope it helps!!

hi @Parvathy

i can"t find the packages. Do you know why?

studio version 2022.10.7

Hi @wsinten
In the filter options enable Include PreRelease option. It will help


Hi @wsinten ,
You can try select other version

What do you mean by this filter?

Which version of the studio are you referring to?

I using ver 23.8
you can select other version of package

Yes @wsinten


oh yeah. able to. thank you sir for your help

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