Cant Find Teams Packages

why i cant find packages for Microsoft teams in my studio?

Hi @wsinten

You can install the UiPath.MicrosoftTeams.Activities package to use the microsoft teams activities.

Hope it helps!!

which version are you using?

thanks for your reply. but i cant find UiPath.MicrosoftTeams.Activities in my studio. do you know how i can install it?

use latest version of studio 2023.8.0

what is the version of your UiPath Studio.

You can check the version of your studio, when you open the studio you can find out a left down corner.

And when you search in the packages send the image the error you are getting. @wsinten

no wonder my dtudio doesn’t have that package. i am using version 2022.10.7

thanks for the info sir.

no wonder my studio doesn’t have that package. i am using version 2022.10.7

I have to update first. thanks for the info sir.

Upgrade studio version


UiPathTeam.SharePoint.Activities package doesn’t support Windows project. Can you try to use it in WindowsLegacy project until it will support.


No @wsinten

You can use this activity when you create your project with windows-legacy only.

This package is only compatible for windows-legacy projects.