Could not find the UI element corresponding to this selector


I’m getting the below error on my Generate Yearly Report assignment.


It’s not always the same month I get the error on. I’ve tried to add delays before and after each step around it, or waits, but still didn’t work. Anyone got any idea what it could be, or I could do ?

Hi @Ciprian_Teodor

Are u selecting months from drop-down options

Hi @Ciprian_Teodor
to solve your issue i have created an array called as ‘test’ with all the month names in it, and I use for each loop (item type argument String).
click activity is being used as Select Item activity does not work:

The selector in this click activity is:


and WaitForReady property is kept to complete. I have not added any kind of delays.

Hope this helps!

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Hey @JuveriaSiddiqui

I’m doing that exact same thing, now I see that it fails every time it reaches November for some reason. Not sure if it affects it, but when I get the “No report found for this vendor” popup and when it reaches the Save File part, it takes like 20 seconds for it to click those, but it still runs.

have a look here:

the space after November could be reason while it is failing


WOuld it be ok for you to share your solution file here. That ways I could take a look.