Module 3 Assignment 2 - CreateYearlyReport workflow error

Hello everyone!

Thank you for your help in advance. I am having trouble finding my way through this part of assignment 2 (Generate Yearly Report). The specific problem happens when I must select the year and month within the aforementioned workflow. I have searched this forum for answers, and though I found some, they did not solve my problem.

For instance I have tried setting the url within the selector and I have set each click ‘WaitForReady’ to NONE, as suggested here: Module 3 Assignment 2 / Unit Works Process Dont, but that does not work.

I have also followed the official tutorials (and some others on Youtube), but to no avail. I know I am getting the correct values for the arguments because I’ve logged the ‘in_year’ argument and the ‘months’ variable, so I know the problem is within the selector.

I have attached a print screen of the error I get whenever I run the Performer (the Dispatcher Works fine).

Below are the contents of each selector, as I figure they should be:

Year: “”

Month: “”

The variable names are also fine.

I am truly lost here, would appreciate any help! Thanks a lot!!


Hi as far as I can remember, the Year and Month fields are comboboxes. Have you tried using the Select Item activity instead of Click activity?

Hello jcvsalinas, thank you for your reply. Sadly, whenever I tried to use a select activity, wherever I click within the combo box (be it a specific year, or the box itself), UiPath Studio returns an error message which says “This control does not support select item”. I take it this is the reason why the walkthrough suggests using the click activity. Any other ideas?

I have also noticed that in the original post I could not attach the selector content for my variables. I’m sending a print screen of the ‘in_year’ argument selector to illustrate the point.

Many thanks!!

I am also sending the CreateYearlyReport workflow itself, in case you could examine it. Still getting the same error as before…

CreateYearlyReport.xaml (50.9 KB)

Thank you!