Could not find member 'CurrentIndex' in type ''

I downgraded my ui-Path studio from 2018.3.2 to 2018.2.4 and now i am in big trouble.

I am getting the below error, how can i resolve it please guide me .



It appears that the ForEach was updated with a CurrentIndex property in 2018.3. I think you will need to just replace all those activities with the older version. I believe you can delete the broken ones by right clicking on it. If you have a machine where 2018.3 is still installed, it would be easier to fix it.

There is another way, but it is more complicated since it involves you editing the .xaml in Notepad, which is not supported by UiPath if you mess something up.

Other than that, I’m not sure what you can do because it is looking for properties that don’t exist on the older version.

Maybe someone else knows better though. @loginerror @mircea