Activity of 2018.3.0 not working in 2018.1.5


I’ve created a bot in 2018.3.0 version. When I went through the deployment part, the IT team says the server is using 2018.1.5 version which they cannot upgrade since other projects were deployed & scheduled in the earlier version.
Could someone please help me how I would be able to make it compatible with the earlier version to make it work?
Note: We are not allowed to change anything in the server version neither install any package.

Mostly, the error is with ‘For Each Row’ activity.
Error: Could not find member ‘CurrentIndex’ in type ‘’.

An early & concrete response is needed. Please help.

@ashish.prasad Close the ur xaml file and open ur xaml file in notepad. Find something like below CurrentIndex={X:Null} search and delete occurence in ur notepad and save the file. Open xaml file normally again.

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I do not think it is backward compatible. You can try what @Manjuts90 suggested. But it is not recommended to edit/update XAML files.


Hi @ashish.prasad

Projects developed in 2018.3 cannot be run in earlier versions. The other way works well though.

@ashish.prasad, a newer version may have added properties in an activity. Judging by the error in your console, the For Each Row Activity is probably just the case. Normally you wouldn’t need to reconfigure the xaml file or dump the whole project. You just have to delete the activity marked in red and use a new For Each Row Activity. However, since the activity here is For Each Row, you probably have other sequences inside it, which will be deleted as well when you delete the For Each Row. If it’s not a major setback to delete it, I suggest you do, because from my experience, that’s the easiest and safest way to cope with version incompatibility.

Though you missed to mention quotes for {X=Null}, the solution worked. I removed all CurrentIndex=“{X:Null}” in the notepad & guess what; it worked fine. Thank you for the quick & working solution.


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