Could not connect to the server (#101)

Hi. After installing Insights, whenever I click on the Insights button in Orchestrator, the following error pops up:

Could not connect to the server (#101)

What shall I do?


Check below post

Hope this may helps


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Thank you @ksrinu070184 but that didn’t help.

@Forum_Staff Please help, I tried everything.

Hi Amin,

Did you look at


Yes, of course; precisely under Usability Error. Now I found something interesting. I don’t get this error when I click Insights when I’m logged in Orchestrator’s VM.

So from your machine you can access https://insightsserver:port/app/account/login and login with the account used during insights install?

Yes. But there’s something new now. I can open Insights from other browsers (I am using Chrome by default) but this error only happens in Chrome.

You mentioned you are opening insights on the orchestrator host. Are you still doing that or opening it on your local? Chrome is 100% supported.

I’m opening Insights on my local machine. I see two error responses in Chrome in the Developer tab.

What are the errors?

Can you close all your browser windows and make sure you restart the Orchestrator app pool once after insights is finished installing.

Also, when you say you are opening insights are you going to the url I provided or only trying to access it through orchestrator.


  1. Request:
    This request has no response data available.
    When I manually open this link I get the following response:
    An error occurred while trying to authenticate you using Single-Sign-On. Please ask your administrator for assistance. Administrators may log in using the manual Login page

  2. Request:
    Failed to load response data
    When I manually open the link, Insights page gets opened without any errors.

Do you mean iisreset /restart? I did that.

First, I would like to clarify that on other machines even with Chrome, Insights is working fine except my Chrome in my development workstation which is my default browser.
I cannot login https://insights/app/account/login, it says my user/password is incorrect but I’m using the exact right credentials I set during the installation process.

When you say insights works on other machines what does that mean exactly. You can open the insights tab in Orchestrator and see the OOTB dashboards with data? If it’s working correctly on other machines then it seems like its something specific to your dev machine and not a product issue.

As far as the failed login on the insights portal at /app/account/login I’m not sure what could be the cause outside of typing in the password incorrectly during install or on the login page. I assume this also does not work across all your machines? Did you change the password at any point or make any configuration changes?

Also, are you changing the host names of the orchestrator and insights machines before sending the logs across or are you using https://orchestrator and https://insights


Exactly. I can open Insights through Orchestrator and see the OOTB dashboards.

No I did not change the password at any point of time. There’s a password forgotten feature. Is it OK to change the password by this method without causing any downsides or reconfigurations?

No, for privacy matters I just replaced Orchestrator and Insight for the host names.

Since, we’re getting close to a final solution, I just want to ask one question. After installing Insights, I saw that Sisense got installed. I’m not very familiar with BI but in your opinion, to master Insights, is it better to learn Sisense too, like side by side or one after another?

You will only be able to use the password reset if you setup an email server during installation. However, if you did setup an email server and its setup correctly you will receive a link to reset your password. If you are on the latest ver of Insights (20.4.2) after you reset your password you will need to update it again in the Insights installer. To do this you will need to go to Add/Remove programs -> Find Insights -> Click modify. You will need to login with the password you just created and there is an option to change your insights password in the tool on the 2nd screen. When you update your password via the installer this will correctly propagate the change throughout Insights and Orchestrator.

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@Chris_Lawson, I’m very grateful for the time and attention you put for my issue. Thank you very much.