Could Not Connect To Cloud Orchestrator Azure Dev Pipeline

These are checks to ensure that the external service connection when setting up Azure Dev Ops Pipeline to communicate with Cloud Orchestrator is configured correctly.

Create a service connection: The service connection is used to connect Azure Pipelines to external and remote services for executing tasks in a job.

  1. For setting the proper service connection, install the following package:
  2. For creating a new service connection, click on “Project settings” from the bottom left of the screen

  1. Then on the left side under the “Pipelines” section click on “Service connections”:


  1. Now create the first service connection

  1. After that search for “UiPath” and click on the “Next” button

  1. As an authentication method:

  1. Ensure that the full Orchestrator URL provided is .

  • Ensure to enable the application scopes (OR.Folders OR.BackgroundTasks OR.TestSets OR.TestSetExecutions OR.TestSetSchedules OR.Settings.Read OR.Robots.Read OR.Machines.Read OR.Execution OR.Assets OR.Users.Read OR.Jobs)
  • Try pinging the Orchestrator URL from the Jenkins Server
  • Ensure that the Orchestrator URL is not being blocked by a firewall.