Service connection Azure for on-premise Orchestrator


I’m having problems connecting to my companys on-premise orchestrator through an Azure service connection, using a pipeline. The error message i get is “Please make sure that the provided URL (https://uip-orc-server.domain.local/) is correct, available from your build agent, and not blocked by a firewall.”

My question is:
Can Azure connect to a local url? If so what else could cause the error? (I have tried with both token authentication with API key, and with basic authentication.)

If not, what should be written in the Orchestrator URL field to make Azure be able to connect to the on premise orchestrator?

Hope someone can help.

to connect to Azure you should open ports on firewall. To which service do you want to connect ?
For example for service bus the port is 9354.

I’m not sure what or which services i need to connect to.
I want to be able to connect to the orchestrator, which is on-premise, and then be able to use the build in Uipath tools in Azure Pipeline tool to run jobs, tests etc.

But maybe i can ask IT in my company if they can help with opening firewall ports, and maybe they know more about which services we need to connect to.