Corresponding selector not found error


I’m trying to click on a specific tag present in the web URL. The error reported is :- Click Preceda Environment: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:
The same workflow works in the attended mode but unfortunately in the unattended mode the BOT is throwing the error.
Any help in this case will be appreciated. Attaching the selector & the UI for reference.

Hello @RPA24 ,

one suggestion is try to execute in debug mode and enable Highlight element. Also go with Stepinto method and check whether each steps are working or not.

Maybe the issues can be due to the delay also.

Hello @Rahul_Unnikrishnan,
Could you provide details how to execute the unattended BOT in debug mode?
Since there is no code repository present currently.

@RPA24 In the Studio at the Ribbon you can see a Tab called Debug. Inside that you can see many debugging options.

There you can choose Step Into and it will action on each activity for each stepinto.

@Rahul_Unnikrishnan , since there are few client approvals, Uipath is neither installed nor we can do so to debug the code in prod server.
However upon running the code and observing the logs it is suspected that the old instances of chrome are not killed by either killprocess activity or Close application due to which the error is occurring.
Any suggestions?


Is there any steps which you have provided in the script to close\kill all the browser instacnes before to the execution? Like using of Kill process or Close Application activity.

If you doubt its due to multiple browser instances, then close it and try to run it once. If its working, then in your code add the prerequisite site to close the browsers.

The issue is not yet resolved. It seems there is no issue with the selectors. In unattended mode the UI element is not found.
Tried using find element activity before clicking but seems that the issue continues to exist in the Unattended Mode.