Click Activity Not Working in Unattended mode

Hello Everyone,
So I need to click an element but its failing while running in unattended mode

This is the Selector Error Found
Could not find the UI element corresponding to this selector: [1] [2] Search failed at selector tag: [1] The closest matches found are: [65%] [50%] at Source: Invoke OpenExcelFile workflow: Click ‘push button Cancel’

Your solutions are appreciated

Thanks in advance!

Have Tried Following approaches none are working in unattended
1)Using Simulate click
2)Without Simulate click
3)Using Find Element then click
4)Using Attach window then click

Hi @anmita,
appaered error means that Robot Can not found the element while there is a closest matches found maybe you need to make sure from selector and window selector as its maybe has conflict. also please if available to share your selector and window selector.


What kind of element is it?

Looks like its a browser pop up …if so check there are no other pop ups like restore window or anything else


Hi @anmita ,

Could you please provide screenshots? Will try to sort out the issue.

Pavan Kumar

Hi @anmita,

I would suggest you try the Remote Debugging feature to troubleshoot this.
Remote Debugging (

It is recommended that you have both Pre and Post checks when interacting with UI elements. Check App State is a great activity to have before and after using any UI action activities.

Also from the error message I see that you are opening an ExcelFile, check if the same UI pops up when the robot is running. May be the robot machine has some other version of Excel or the behaviour is different than you development PC. Remote debugging is therefore great to configure for such troubleshooting.

If remote debugging is not possible, then atleast a screenshot or VNC view of your robot PC could help confirm the state of your UI element.

In short, what runs in your Studio enviornment should replicate in your unattended enviornment given all applications are installed in your robot machine and the robot has all the necessary permissions.

HI @anmita

Check the following mentioned in this thread


Thanks everyone for your responses

1)Actually am using the same system in development and running in unattended mode
2)Its working fine in attended mode
3)In debug mode not getting any issue
4)So in unattended mode it does not click that Button

This is the Selector

@anmita Try this Before click activity use the Activate activity and pass the click activity selector


Dis you install the unattended bot in service mode?