Copying information from a newly created word document into the body of an email

Hi, my automation goes like this:

I copy data from excel into a word document. This will in turn create a new word document for me. However, I want to copy what is written inside into the new word document into the body of an email. i.e. to copy the texts from the word doc into the email. Is there a way I can do this?



you can achieve this by using send hotkey. for copying the data from word use Ctrl+A(This will select the entire data from a word). then use one more send hotkey activity now use Ctrl+C(This will copy the data). for pasting in to the body use Get from clipboard activity. then create a variable for get from clipboard activity. pass it in body!


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If you have a word document and if that doesn’t have any table in it and only text

  1. Install UiPath.Word package and use word scope and read activity and get the output as a string variable named Strinput

  2. Pass the same Strinput variable to send outlook mail activity along mail body property


If the word document has some tables in it
Follow the steps with this thread as reference

Hope this would help you resolve this


Well assuming that you are using StudioX and Use Outlook desktop as your email provider you can just add the word file as body for the email.

For Use Outlook 365 and Gmail one has to use the HTML format for the body and then using the HTML editor you can add the contents of the Word file using the previously mentioned steps .