Insert data from a Word or PDF document into the body of an email

I tried extending the automated word contract task by then emailing the PDF. This worked perfectly but I would like to insert the total cost into the body of the email in a similar fashion that we did in the unicorn name exercise. However, because the Use Outlook Account is outside of the Use Excel application, I cannot take the data from the Excel sheet.

Is it possible to do insert data from a Word or PDF document into the body of an email?

that is not an attachement. will just use the word document as body for the email

@studioX is there a way to only put certain information in rather than the whole word document? I was looking to just add the total cost into the email body.

at this point you are not able to see objects from word document as you see them for excel files

I believe this is what I am looking for. What version/library is this activity from? My ‘Send Outlook Mail Message’ activity doesn’t have this option to choose body of text vs Word Document.

If this is a version specific command, are there other options to do the same function?

Thanks in advance, Dean

make sure you updated the uipath.mail package to latest version

I have all of my dependency packages updated to the latest version I can access.

I am still only offered this type of screen,

Any assistance on sending a word document/pdf in the body of the email would be greatly appreciated.

Best, Dean

hi @Dean_J - Since you tagged your Query as Studiox. @studioX is sharing you the screenshot from Studiox…

But your screenshot is from Studio…

So please clarfiy whether you want try this in StudioX or Studio?

Update: If you are looking to achieve this in Studio…Please follow the below steps…

  1. With in word app scope, use Read text activity and save your output to String…Say StrSubject

  1. Use this StrSubkect in the Send Outlook mail Message activity.

Hope this helps…

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