CopyFile error

Good afternoon.
I have a workflow that copies an entire excel and pastes it into another folder. What is happening is that the excel it pastes into the other folder comes empty. Can anyone explain why? To copy I have the activity “Copy File”.
in_Folder (Folder Path to paste file)


I hope that is not something to be dealt with copy file activity
Because even if the path provided is wrong it will throw error in that note only

But here it is something with the data which rely on the sheet which is actually copied

Make sure the file which you are copying is written with data or is with data before been copied

Before to this copy file activity Use a read range activity and read that excel sheet and get the output as a DATATABLE dt

Now use a writeline and mention as dt.Rows.Count.ToString

If it is more than zero then it’s fine and you will get to see the records in the file at destination folder

Else we need to check where it is missing to write the data

Cheers @dcmf

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