Issue in Copy and Append of Data to and fro from sheets

There has been an issue being faced in the Excel Acitivites of StudioX

I have multiple files from a folder and I need data to be read from each folder and appended it to the another sheet(master sheet)

The issue that I am facing is that the data gets pasted randomly on a cell in the master sheet creating an issue to actually paste the data in the best possible way.

Can someone help me with a workaround?

Soluton is:

  1. You have to loop through each excel file in the folder
  2. Read each file usign Read range activity use excel file activity and store the output to Datatable
  3. Write Datatbale to Master excel inside use excel file activity. Dont forget to check the Append.

You don’t use copy/paste to work with Excel. You use the Excel activities. Have you done the free online training from the UiPath web site? It covers these things.

I am not using the copy paste and I am using the read and write/Append from the excel activities pack.

Yes, I have gone through the training in the UIPath Academy. I am in the learning phase as of now

I have done the same thing as mentioned, Please can you find the screen shots below and correct me if I am wrong somewhere. This is done on the StudioX platform

I have no clue why do I have to pass a template without which it fails to actually do its operations.

Then I write the data and click on the append checkbox

What I see that the data is read but pasted randomly on the master sheet. I have no clue why it takes random cell and paste it and then go ahead take another random cell and paste it again

Can you please guide where I am going wrong here. Also, I am in the learning stage of UIPath

Please try to uncheck the Template file and see. Also in order to check the data getting copied from each excel, you can use output Data table activity as below.

I see that there is no option for Output Data Table

It seems like it is not a part of the studioX.

I have seen StudioX having limited features, and I am trying to use it as a Business User and not a RPA developer.

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