Copy file activity not working correctly

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in my process I am using Copy file activity to copy template excel and create new report based on that template. However it happens from time to time that newly created report is empty and does not contains the data that are in template. It happens only sometimes and robot does not throw any error. Would anyone know why is this happening?

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Buddy @nikola_kocourkova

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if you are not been thrown with any error and the file doesn’t have any thing in the sense,i think there is some issue with file buddy…may i know what type of file you are trying to copy with copy file activity…are you trying to convert the format of the file from xlsx to xls or to any format…if so we might get this error buddy

Kindly check this and let know buddy @nikola_kocourkova


I am copying same formats xlsx files. I cannot see what could be wrong with the source file as in most cases it works fine and only in few cases it fails.

Thanks for suggestions!

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Buddy try to use kill process before you are trying to copy the file of excel buddy
mention the process name as “EXCEL” in kill process activity and then use copy file as this error might occur when the file is open…
Kindly try this and let know buddy @nikola_kocourkova

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Hello @nikola_kocourkova
I hope the issue have got resolved by now.

  • If Yes can your share the solutions to the issue?

  • If issue still persists can you check the following video for copy file activity to check that you are not missing anything?

Copy File Activity in UiPath with Live Demo

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