Unable to save my Excel File

Hey guys,
after finishing some copy paste actions in my Excel, I want to create a new folder and in the next step I want a copy of my original file in the new folder (The original file has to stay where it is, because its a template).
Which steps should I follow? Using the “Create File” Activity didnt work, Studio saved an empty file.
Thank you guys!

Hello @marco.roensch

Create Directory:
DirectoryPath: “C:\Path\To\Your\New\Folder”

Copy File:
    From: "C:\Path\To\Your\Original\File.xlsx"
    To: "C:\Path\To\Your\New\Folder\File.xlsx"

Thanks & Cheers!!!

Use copy file activity outside the excel application scope and give the path as per your requirement.

Thanks to y’all guys!

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