Copy value from Field from Data table or Csv and paste it in Skype Chat

Hi My UI Path Developer brother,

I have a requirement, where I have to copy a value (Error message) from a Field which is present in Data Table as well as .Csv. This should be copied from either Data Table or Csv and pasted to Skype Chat.

Kindly suggest the best possible way and thanks in advance.

Satish Chaladi

Will give you particular Column values you can type in skype

I need a value of a Field… Like (A2,B2). Does above logic works?

also, need steps for both reading value and pasting the same in skype chat window.

Thanks for your response and it will be very helpful, if I get the above steps aswell

Satish Chaladi

HI @Satish_Chaladi

Yes, still we can use the same approach to access the data in multiple components. CSV files can also be read in as a datatable, Hence, the way we access the data in each cell is similar…

Thanks, brother :slight_smile:

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